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Sweden is the only country in the EU (and one of very few in the world) that did not follow WHO lockdowns and booster recommendations. It is now the only country in the EU (and one of very few in the world) that does not experience the surge of unexpected (sudden) deaths and an increase in excess mortality that has started in all countries that followed WHO recommendations from the end of 2021, 

This fact alone should be adequate to discredit the WHO as a reliable health expert and prevent this organization from gaining authority on any future health-related matters until it implements accountability measures for its past recommendations. These recommendations, which proved to be incorrect, resulted in severe damage to the populace of countries that followed WHO guidelines. 

Other countries in the EU that did not closely follow the WHO lockdowns and vaccine recommendations include Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, and several other East European countries. These countries are currently the only ones in the EU that have not experienced a significant increase in excess deaths, which began in many developed countries., including in Canada, from the end of 2021 and which continues to the present day. 

Sweden vs. Canada and other Scandinavian countries

Excess deaths in Canada

Increase in excess deaths starting from the end of 2021 is observed in all Canadian provinces and continues till present.

Source: Statistics Canada, Table 13-10-0810-01 (Provisional weekly death counts, by selected grouped causes of death) 

WebApp: Canada Vital Statistics Tracker.

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