Winning Communication Strategies

A Privy Council Office memo was conveyed to the Prime Minister in May 2021, five months after the vaccine rollout in Canada, which listed 20,428 reports of "serious adverse events," including 427 deaths, and recommended "managing COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths with winning communication strategies to avoid undermining public confidence." The memo also included an example of a data presentation technique that skewed the messaging towards the desired narrative.

Examples of the 'Winning Communication Strategies':

How did Statistics Canada explain the Recent Key Insight related to "significant excess mortality starting in January 2022", especially “among individuals younger than 45”?

Original article:

First example:

When in September 2022 (with more than a half a year delay) Statistics Canada published in its Excess Mortality Dashboard the “Recent key insight” shown above, they did not provide an explanation for the increase in excess deaths among young individuals starting in January 2022. Instead, they published this finding in such a manner as to create an association of it with with the presence of the Omicron variant.  Such technique is an example of the “winning communication strategy”, because, according to the same Statistics Canada data, there were very few young people who died from Omicron.

Recent key insight: National trends (published in September 2022)

"Canada experienced significant excess mortality starting in January 2022, when Omicron was the dominant variant."

Second example:

Five months later, in January 2023, when Statistics Canada updated their Excess Mortality Dashboard page,  they presented a comprehensive list of factors that could have contributed to the increase in excess deaths among young individuals since January 2022. Notably, they did not mention anything related to government policies and actions - neither lockdowns, travel bans, or severe adverse reactions from vaccines. This is another clear example of “winning communication strategy”.

Recent key insight: National trends (published in January 2023)

"....excess mortality could be affected because of various other factors, including delayed medical procedures, increased harms related to substance use, or changes in the prevalence of other diseases and medical conditions. For example, in the early summer of 2021, Alberta and British Columbia experienced a heat dome which coincided with more than 3,500 deaths in the two provinces over a two-week period ending July 10."

Third example of winning communication strategy" is delaying publication of the concerning statistics by over half a year and not discussing  it anywhere in mainstream media.


We have observed three "winning communication strategies" employed in relation to communicating the increase in unexpected deaths among young Canadians that started from January 2022

The photographs of 80 young Canadians, the tragic deaths of whom are part of the statistics that was published using "winning communication strategy”, are avaulable in

Additional examples of the 'Winning Communication Strategies', particularly, in relationship to the unexpectingly high number of 'Cases following Vaccination', are provided here.