OPQ-1115: Deaths from 'unspecified causes' under-reported

OPQ - 1115

Submitted Dac 12, 2022
Tabled: January 30, 2023

Source: https://parl-gc.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=alma99495490302616&context=L&vid=01CALP_INST:01CALP&lang=en


Discussion: https://thecanadianindependent.substack.com/p/canadian-parliamentary-response-shows

A parliamentary ministerial inquiry initiated by Manitoba Conservative MP Ted Falk in December 2022, which has just received a response, reveals significant underreporting in the numbers of 'unspecified causes' of death provided by Statistics Canada.

In November 2023, Statistics Canada reported there were 6,841 'unspecified causes' of death for 2020, but according to the government's response, the actual number was 9,450.

For 2021, Statistics Canada reported 9,471 'unspecified causes' of death, while the true number, as per the government's response, was 18,850.

Finally, in 2022, Statistics Canada reported 16,043 'unspecified causes' of death, but according to the government's response, the actual count was a staggering 55,975.

You can view the ministerial response at the link below. It may take a few moments to load and is best viewed on a computer.


You can review Statistics Canada’s November 2023 report on the top ten leading cause of death data for the years 2019 to 2022 at the link below.