Never forget

At least 1 in 4 Canadians are dangerous to be around. It’s probably the same number in every country. This is not a national problem, it’s a human problem.

Think for a moment: what kind of people want to jail their neighbours for refusing to submit to the rape of their bodies with an experimental gene therapy? Even if we lived in a parallel universe where the jab was “safe and effective”, and everyone was dying from bubonic plague, instead of a flu-like illness with IFRs being as low as 0.0003%, what kind of people would want to put their neighbours in jail?

Don’t be gaslit or fooled, none of what happened was about science. None of it was about a virus. This was one high-control group of people—a cult—waging war on the rest of society. These are sadistic people.

Try to remember who these people were. These are the people who couldn’t care less when you got kicked out of work. These are the people who treated you as a social pariah. These are the ‘friends’ and ‘family’ who had no sympathy for you when you lost your income and nearly starved. These are the people who want to silence the vaccine injured. These people want everyone to forget the past few years, and forget their actions, so they can do it all again the next time.

You might be thinking of ‘forgiving them’, even when they have never acknowledged their sin, which is surely a prerequisite for forgiveness, but please don’t make that mistake. Learn from this lesson, and stay away from these people. In fact, keep an eye on them, because when the SHTF, they will turn on you like a pack of hungry beasts.

25% of sadistic collectivist authoritarians will always lead the tyranny, and another 50% will just follow the herd. You are one of the other 25% of decent human beings whose responsibility it is to keep that 50% from becoming an hysterical and out of control herd that ends up enabling genocide, and other unspeakable acts.

And some people still wonder how Hitler rose to power.

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In the north, where the cold winds blow,

Lies a truth, stark, that few dare to know.

One in four, it's revealed, pose a dire threat,

A chilling gamble, a dangerous bet.

Awake, arise, don't be fooled, don't be swayed,

This was never about the science, the dues never paid.

Not about a virus, spreading its fear,

But a cult, in control, crystal clear.

These people, remember, their faces, their names,

When work was a memory, they played their games.

Social outcasts, you became, they didn't care,

As you battled alone, in your darkest despair.

'Friends' and 'family', words so hollow,

Abandoned you to grief, a path so narrow.

Income lost, your stomach tight,

While they silenced the hurt, erased from sight.

But heed this call, don't let it slide,

Their sins, unspoken, can't be denied.

Forgiveness? A gift, not lightly given,

Their remorse, their repentance, remains unforgiven.

Learn the lesson, hard and true,

Stay away, keep your distance, start anew.

Keep an eye, sharp and keen,

For when chaos reigns again, they'll turn, obscene.

And as you ponder, in silence, in power,

Remember the past, each minute, each hour.

For in such tales, history's seed,

Lies the answer to how dark deeds proceed.