Canada Deaths (Vital Statistics) Tracker 

Source: substack

"Let’s also remind ourselves about the excess deaths situation in Canada. For this we can use the Vital Statistics WebApp that I built with with my data science colleagues during the lunch and learn sessions at the end of year 2021.  There one will be able to observe that Canada experienced a drastic increase of excess deaths (which is the difference between red line and black line) in all provinces starting from the end of year 2021, which is when Omicron started and which is also is when vaccination has been mandated in Canada.

The picture below, taken from the App, shows deaths per million. However, it should be noted the population in Canada has increased since 2021 from 38 to 40 million (mainly because of influx of young new immigrants), and also that most people who died in excess numbers in 2020-2022 were elderly. This means that the observed increase of excess deaths since 2022 is mainly among young Canadians, which is in a agreement with data from UK and with drastic increase of reports of sudden deaths among young Canadians."

Additional screenshots from the Web App: