Who is Dmitry Gorodnichy?

Dmitry Gorodnichy is Senior Data Scientist born in Kyiv, Ukraine with M.Sc. (from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Applied Mathematics, Dimploma Cum Laude), and two Ph.D.s (one in Math from Ukrainian Academy of Sciences  & another one  in Computing Science from University of Alberta). He has 24 years of experience working with the GC, including in manager’s position and extensive experience in vendor products performance evaluation. He is the developer of Nouse™  Technology, Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) Results VisualizerBorder Wait Time Predictor and, more recently,  Open Canada Deaths Tracker

He was one of the first Canadians to get vaccinated "to protect myself and the community", with many of his family members in early spring of 2021. After witnessing multiple side effects  however and finding that it was made almost impossible to report these side effects or even to find any information about these vaccines from independent (conflict-of-interest free) sources,   he looked himself into the post-marketing data that has become available in Canada from August 2021, for, luckily,  he had professional training in data analysis and vendor products performance evaluation.

What he saw raised many red flags, which he attempted to discuss with his government colleagues, including Chief Data Scientist and the Office of Auditor General of Canada. However, instead of applauding his efforts and addressing his concerns, all he has encountered was silence and further obstacles preventing hims from  sharing and discussing his findings.

This reminded him of his years living in the USSR, where there was state-run media and where people who shared independent views were silenced and prosecuted, This also led him to empathize with thousands of other Canadians who expressed similar concerns.

This is how, with encouragement of his colleagues and friends, Dmitry started his independent news blog on substack and  gave a new mission to his private business portal www.IVIM.ca - to Support Evidence and Democracy in Canada.

This is how he explained his decision in the introduction to his subtack newsletter:

"... based on the data evidence I have observed and drawing from my personal experiences growing up in the USSR, I have come to the realization that remaining silent is not an option. It is imperative that I speak out to assist both my country and my employer in safeguarding scientific integrity and the fundamental right of all Canadians to life security. Leveraging data analytics and the democratic foundations of our country, I endeavour to support governments in promoting transparency, accountability, and resilience against political and industry interference. "

You can read his whole Vision statement at https://ivim.substack.com/about

What is IVIM?

IVIM is the company that Dmitry have founded in 2007 to support Nouse™, the award-winning technology (featured all over the world and in the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa) which he invented while working at the National Research Council prior to moving to Canada Border Services Agency . The word IVIM was coined by Dmitry back in 2002 that to designate the new type of computer-vision based technology, such as Nouse,  developed to help people with disabilities. It stood for " Intelligent Vision Interfaces Machines". With the redesigned mission for the IVIM portal, it now stands for "Independently Verified Information Machine". I've been also always mesmerized by the magic of combining three characters (IVI) to obtain another one (M).


You can read the full story on how Dmitry got "red-pilled" (i.e. came to realization of the sombre truth about what is going on in Canada and elsewhere) in the Open Letter that he wrote in support of Detective Helen Grus's nomination for "Hero Police" award, also at the www.WhoCanTellMeTruth.ca, which is the portal built by Dmitry's friends based on his Poem (Anthem for the New Generation) and his  vaccine data analysis.

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