"Who can tell me the truth?"
(Anthem for the New Generation)

Story, Backing Track, Translations, Videos with Statistics 

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"Non à La Guerre!"
(in English & French)


"Heartbeats of People We Love"
(in Ukrainian, with subtitles in English & French)


"Christmas Morning Song" ( "S&E Got Talent" show )

CBSA Science & Engineering Christmas Party (Full Story)

"Tiny Lights" (Огоньки)

Story and translation in English

"I remember the last day of my life"

In English
feat. Ludmila Gorodnichy (Dmitry's mother) on piano 

"My mom's bread" (Мамин хлеб)

In Russian with subtitles in English, feat. "Besame Mucho"
From family archive tapes and new cover.

Corcovado (Jobim) - cover 

In Russian (translation by Dmitry). Feat. Alexandra Gorodnichy

"How much I love you" 

In Ukrainian. Feat. Alexandra Gorodnichy

More songs and poetry by Dmitry Gorodnichy

"First Day of Love (Christmas Morning Song)"
Audio, Partitions - in English & Ukrainian

"Bonjour, mon amour" - Partition
School newspaper feature - in French

«Волопас i Corona Borealis»
Bilingual Musical Tale

More songbooks and interpretations:

"Merry Christmas, tout le monde!"
Multi-lingual Christmas carols & songs, with chords, analyzed using Data Science

«Shri Jobim»:
Bossa-nova favourites re-interpreted  in Russian and Ukrainian by Dmitry Gorodnichy