Fifth Gen Warfare, Part 3APR 18, 2023 

The 21st Century Battlefield


APR 24, 2023

The essay below has been written for a chapter in my upcoming book, “PsyWars: The 21st Century Battlefield”. As this chapter began as a Substack essay, many of the readers here will recognize some of the text. However, Jill and I have greatly expanded the content and it is technical enough that even people who have read it before should find it useful.

A note: this chapter is still a draft, more changes will be made prior to the finalization.

Introducing 5th-Gen Warfare: Terms and Tactics

Congratulations. You and the rest of the world have managed to survive the largest, most globally coordinated psychological warfare operation in the history of mankind: the COVIDcrisis. During this period, on a daily basis, we had to experience the US Government and many western nations deploying highly refined, military-grade fifth generation warfare technologies and PsyWar weapons against their own citizens. For those who avoided the genetic vaccine jabs, which are now proven to be neither safe nor effective in preventing infection, replication, or spread of SARS-CoV-2, and do not prevent disease or death attributed to COVID-19 disease, you deserve a medal for your ability to see through the fog of information warfare. For those, like me, who trusted the FDA and took the initial jabs only to suffer the adverse effects of same, perhaps a purple heart for being wounded in battle is in order. For the millions of battlefield dead, the excess mortality documented by Ed Dowd and so many others, a moment of silent mourning is in order. Then there are the countless children, who have endured masking and social distancing in school for years on end. How do they recover developmentally? How do we ensure that this never happens again?

This essay focuses on how to stop the military grade psyops from happening on a global or even national scale in the future. Or at the very least, how to learn to not be a target of these techniques and to be able to use them yourself to fight back “against the machine”. Because governments are currently planning for the next “pandemic” (“Plandemic?”) and they have no intention of scaling back their weaponized public health policies, which are being used to control us all. And this control is not just limited to COVID-19 policies; the ability to control populations through the use of psy-ops and 5th-gen warfare is just too tempting for governments and international organizations (such as the United Nations and The World Economic Forum), to not deploy in the future. The use of military-grade PsyWar methods on civilian populations to alter election outcomes, to weaponize fear, and to influence or control (literally) all information, beliefs and emotions of civilian populations is just to lucrative and enticing for those who subscribe to the logic that the ends justify the means. 

So, what is fifth generation warfare and why does it matter?

“The deliberate manipulation of an observer’s context in order to achieve a desired outcome.”

"The basic idea behind this term [fifth-generation warfare] is that in the modern era, wars are not fought by armies or guerrillas, but in the minds of common citizens."

(from the: The Handbook of 5GW: A Fifth Generation of War Abbott, 2010)

5th-Gen warfare is an extension of Asymmetric and Insurgent Warfare strategies and tactics, whereby both conventional and unconventional military tactics and weapons are incorporated and deployed, including exploitation of political, religious and social causes. This new gradient of warfare uses the internet, social media and the 24-hour news cycle to change cognitive biases of individuals and/or organizations. It can be conducted by organized or unorganized (ergo decentralized) groups; it may be led by nation states, non-nation state actors and organizations, non-governmental organizations or even individuals. A key characteristic of 5th Gen warfare is that the nature of the attack is concealed. The goal is to disrupt and defeat opponents by creating new cognitive biases.

The most effective 5th-Gen warfare strategies employed by those lacking integrity are not purely based on pushing false narratives, mis- dis- or mal- information. The most effective strategies mix truth with fiction, and act to increase confusion and disorder in the thoughts and minds of those being targeted, so that they are not sure what or whom to believe.

“The very nature of Fifth Generation Warfare is that it is difficult to define.”

(“Handbook of 5GW”, Abbott, 2010).

Some have written that the term 5th-Gen warfare should only be applied to those opponents with fewer resources (asymmetric warfare), but this is not consistent with current practice. Large and small governments, transnational corporations, globalist non-governmental organizations (such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) and the UN, WTO, WHO and their affiliates which seek to govern world affairs, and even ordinary citizens have learned how effective the 5th-Gen toolkit is, and deploy 5th-Gen warfare tactics to their advantage.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

-Arthur C. Clarke.

With this chapter (essay), my goal is to teach the reader how to begin to recognize 5th-Gen warfare tactics and to learn to use these tools for him or herself in surviving the “information warfare” they are being subjected to. Only after realizing the broad scope of what is being done to all of us can each of us begin to master these methods and become truth warriors in the 5th Gen battles that lie ahead.

Just to be clear, the concept of 5th generation warfare as being traditional “warfare” is not accurate. When the term “war” is applied, the concept of a physical war as a battle for territory using kinetic weapons looms large. This is not the case with 5th-Gen warfare.

For my own use, I find the term fifth-generation psyops or PsyWar as more accurately characterizing what is currently happening across the world-wide web. 5th-gen warfare is a more general term. When a collaborative or synchronized 5th-Gen psyops program is being referred to, then I will use that term when appropriate.

There is also the small point that although “5GW” or 5G warfare is commonly used, this term can often confuse those first encountering 5th-Gen warfare terminology, who may confuse 5th Gen warfare with 5G communication technologies (cell phone tower tech). For this reason, I avoid using the “5GW” acronym. This may all seem esoteric, but words and definitions matter.

The “Handbook of 5GW” (Abbott, 2010) defines fifth generation warfare as:

Below is a general summary list of common 5th-Gen warfare weapons, tactics, and technologies:

So, although the list is extensive, the truth is that only a subset of these tools are readily available to poorly resourced individuals and groups. However, these groups may compensate for the deficit by leveraging popularism.

The asymmetric warfare battlescape

Asymmetric warfare is a conflict in which the opponents' resources are uneven or not balanced. When it is the people against a government or governmental policy, the people may have numbers behind them, but typically fewer technology, financial, and physical assets (vehicles, kinetic weapons, intelligence gathering capabilities). Late 20th century (Viet Nam, for example) and the current 21st century (Taliban, Al-Qaeda et al) warfare clearly demonstrates that by coordinating their efforts, very effective asymmetric battlefield campaigns can be deployed by forces and organizations that confront more powerful opponents which otherwise have strategic and tactical advantages in terms of first through third-generation warfare technology.

The good news is that some of the most effective 5th-Gen warfare tools are the ones that cost the least. Decentralized and highly non-attributable psychological warfare and community synergy are two methods that can be utilized by individuals and groups to make a difference.

Another recent example of the use of 5th-Gen warfare in an asymmetric battlefield involves activists being able to shift the general narrative about COVID-19 vaccines to acknowledge that post-COVID vaccination myocarditis occurs in athletes and children. In this example, when a new case is identified, posts and media are shared both openly and via semi-private direct message to influencers. The information about the victim is spread and often goes viral throughout the world-wide web. These posts reach not only those who already believe that there is a problem, but those who are unaware of the myocarditis adverse events.

The counter strategy deployed by main stream media/big tech in response to this activity was swift. Their response included clamping down via censorship, shadow banning of posts, videos and influencers. Even direct messaging can be targeted by governments or big tech intent on controlling the narrative. There are examples of T-Mobile not forwarding DMs during the pandemic relating to messages contradicting the approved COVIDcrisis narrative. Unfortunately, at the operational heart of these anti-free speech policies we often find agents of the US government.

Astroturf organizations are fake grassroots-based citizen groups, non-profits or coalitions that are typically created by or funded by corporations, political interests, public relations firms or even the government. These are designed to create the impression of widespread support of a platform or position. These fake groups are used to mislead the public that there is widespread support for the views being promulgated.

The Epoch Times has recently published an article based on whistleblower evidence that the United States Government, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has used its congressionally-approved non-profit (called the CDC Foundation) to contract with at least one company to perform cyberstalking and gang stalking attacks (via astroturf organizations) on licensed physicians accused of spreading misinformation about COVID public health policies including genetic vaccines (“CDC Partners With ‘Social and Behavior Change’ Initiative to Silence Vaccine Hesitancy”, The Epoch Times, April 7, 2023 . These attacks included getting physicians banned from social media platforms like Twitter, having physicians fired from their employment and convincing state and medical specialty boards to retract licenses and specialty certifications.

So now, according to the Epoch Times, we have the CDC Foundation, which receives funding from a wide range of donors including the likes of Merck, Pfizer, PayPal, Fidelity, Blackrock, the Imperial College of London, Emergent Biosolutions, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (as in J&J) and so many other major corporate and state donors, which has been funding Cyberstalking and “Gang Stalking” of licensed physicians. Cyberstalking is both a federal crime and a crime in many states. This article documents (via FOIA-ed emails) a large number of social media physician and scientist influencers involved in this project to cyberstalk and gang stalk physicians who spoke counter to the COVID narrative regarding pseudo-mRNA vaccines, mandates, lockdowns and masks.

Cyberstalking involves the use of technology (most often, the Internet!) to make someone else afraid or concerned about their safety. Generally speaking, this conduct is threatening or otherwise fear-inducing, involves an invasion of a person’s relative right to privacy, and manifests in repeated actions over time. Most of the time, those who cyberstalk use social media, Internet databases, search engines, and other online resources to intimidate, follow, and cause anxiety or terror to others. (From the “Cyberstalking Research Center)”

Gang Stalking is a form of Cyberstalking or Cyberbullying. Apparently, unproven accusations of physicians spreading “misinformation” were considered by the CDC Foundation sufficient for engaging in state-sponsored Cyberstalking. What does this weaponized term “misinformation” actually refer to? Misinformation in the context of current public health is defined as any speech which differs from the official statements of the World Health Organization or local health authorities (ergo CDC, FDA, NIH). So, any physician who says, writes or highlights opinions or information which differs from the (current) CDC position is defined as spreading misinformation. Disinformation is such speech which is provided for political purposes.

A tactic utilized by the World Economic forum (WEF) uses influencers and social media to exploit the non-scalable nature of the internet and social media. The WEF has enlisted almost 10,000 “global shapers” to help spread their messaging. The “global shapers” are a group of high-profile young people that volunteer for the WEF to share and create enthusiasm for the WEF agenda worldwide.  This agenda includes visions for a new world order based on transnational corporations working together with the UN, effective climate change solutions through agenda 2030 and stakeholder capitalism. This messaging is particularly compelling to younger people, who view many of the global shapers as heroes. Understanding 5th-Gen warfare is critical is fighting effectively in this battlespace of minds, ideas and memes.

With a 5th-Gen warfare campaign, it is easy to get involved. Just follow the social media posts, news stories from alternative sources, trends and jump in! Anyone can play. Just be aware that a false flag operation often does more harm than good.

Because the US government (or WHO, or WEF) identifies and censors messaging content from alternative sources, the messages and keywords must change rapidly in asymmetric 5th-gen warfare. These actors enjoy a tactical advantage with their automated censoring and shadow banning apparatus.  Therefore, it is often necessary to misspell words and phrases, or in the case of video, use slurring or blanking out words to get past the automated censors.

The focus on decentralized action, of a leaderless battlespace, effectively forces those that seek to advance and insert a false narrative into susceptible minds to play “whack-a-mole”. With many autonomous actors working in a decentralized fashion, there is no one target to attack. In this case, as one person is taken down, another rises. This is where being a “shape shifter” is adaptive. Be ready to change social media platforms, handles, email accounts, etc. This is how I survived and thrived when de-platformed from Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in and defamed by almost every single mainstream media corporation.

It can be helpful to keep a separate identity from your social media accounts. Use emails that aren’t tied to your personal affairs for social media.

But we also have to be smart. Which is to say don’t be stupid. For instance, don’t play that quiz game based on your name and date of birth, don’t respond to emails that need personal information, etc. No Nigerian Prince is going to send you millions of dollars. So, learn to recognize pfishing and other strategies employed by con artists as well as government affiliated entities and astroturf organizations.

Challenge authority when it is wrong. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied. Don’t give up, and don’t get depressed.  Don’t get angry and don’t resort to ad hominems. (personal attacks).

We are fighting for now is not only medical freedom but for our individual sovereignty. For preventing ourselves and our children from becoming indentured servants to self-appointed centralized global masters of the Universe.

5th-gen warfare tools are just too seductive for large entities not to use. Do not expect these tactics to stop. The digital spying will continue to be relentless. Look up and learn about the “Pegasus” and “Pegasus II” spyware, and let yourself think through what that means to you in a practical sense, and how you chose to respond to these threats.

Our job is to understand the terrain, the tools and the tactics.

The term for 5th-Gen warfare is war. This is not a “nice” game, with rules that we all agree to. There are no rules in 5th-Gen warfare, only tactics and strategy. Nothing is “fair”, and your mind, thought and emotions are the battlefield.

That said, I chose to have a set of ethical boundaries for myself, and expect those that I work with to adhere to a similar moral code.

I stand by my ethics. I don’t lie. I don’t cheat and I don’t break the law. I seek to maintain personal integrity, and respect others, and act to heal and build community wherever I can. If I break these rules for myself, I will never be able to claim victory.