Helen Grus 

 ‘Police Hero Honour Roll Award’
Nomination Letter

Cover page (inc. personal story)

March 17, 2024

Police Association of Ontario
Via email: info@policehero.ca

Nomination: Police Services Hero of the Year Award
Nominee: Ottawa Police Service Constable (Detective) Helen Grus
Category: Police Hero Honour Roll Award


I, Dmitry Gorodnichy, nominate Ottawa Police Constable (Detective) Helen Grus for the Police Association of Ontario ‘Police Hero Honour Roll Award’.

I first heard about Detective Grus in the spring of 2022 in relation to her efforts to find out the cause of a cluster of unexpected infant deaths that happened in Ottawa in January 2022.

I am a data scientist by training myself (Ph.D. in Math and Ph.D. in Comp. Sci) with over twenty years of experience working with the Government of Canada, focusing my work on performance evaluation of various industry/vendor products in security applications.

One of the key lessons I've learned from my work is that one should never assume that claims of any vendor related to the performance of their products are always true. Also, it is often the case that vendors will invest a lot of their business revenue (the richer the company, the more the investment) into advertising and controlling the narratives related to their product. And it does not matter in which industry field (security or pharma) - This is just the way business works. And this is also exactly why the products of all vendors must be independently tested and positions like mine exist.

When I heard that there is not just one or two but many unexpected sudden deaths happening in January 2022, it clearly indicated to me that there must be a common cause for these deaths. What could this cause be? 

According to PHAC data, the percentage of COVID deaths among children and infants is extremely rare (Annex B). Hence, the cause of the increase in sudden infant deaths observed in January 2022 was more likely than not related to something else. 

What else could it be? What was common among all unexpectedly deceased infants?

The answer to this question should be clear to anyone who hears about this story - it is the vaccination, because it started exactly when the mothers of these children were pregnant, unless and only unless this fact is ruled out by empirical validation. Evidently, this is exactly what Detective Grus attempted to investigate - the action that should be seen as the most natural and most responsible action for a detective officer.

By that time, it was already known that certain COVID vaccine batches and products were considerably worse than others, and several resulted in premature sudden deaths. Several pieces of evidence related to this fact are listed below, with more provided in Annex B: 

1) AstraZeneca has already been removed from the market in the UK and other countries as not meeting the originally made safety claims: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/15/which-countries-have-halted-use-of-astrazenecas-covid-vaccine (retrieved: 17 march 2024)

2) There was at least one Canadian child whose sudden death has been forensically confirmed as caused by the COVID vaccine: https://twitter.com/Answers4Sean (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/canadian-dad-says-us-doctor-confirmed-his-17-year-old-son-was-killed-by-the-covid-vaccine/). 

3) The site https://knollfrank.github.io/HowBadIsMyBatch/batchCodes.html  shows that the mortality rates of COVID vaccines vary dramatically among various batches and products based on the data in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

If any of COVID vaccine batches and products resulted in deaths of children, these must be immediately investigated. However, there was no such investigation conducted anywhere in Canada, to the best of my knowledge, except for the one attempted by Detective Grus.

Instead of calling for more public investigation of the tragic deaths and applauding the efforts of Detective Grus to find the cause of tragic infant deaths, CBC and other mainstream media have evidently made an objective to disregard the concerns expressed by Detective Grus and smear her efforts and her reputation. One could reasonably ask if such media outlets and anyone who impeded conducting the much-needed investigation into vaccine possible safety concerns were influenced (either directly or indirectly) by vendors of these vaccines whose safety issues Detective Grus was trying to investigate? 

All this is stated here to explain why I felt so much interest in learning about Detective Grus and her case against the allegations of 'Discreditable Conduct' for “initiating an unauthorized criminal investigation” into a cluster of unexplained infant deaths in the Ottawa area covered by CBC. And the more I learnt about her, and this case, the more I see how truly remarkable she has been as a Police officer throughout her career, including and especially in the last three years as she - fighting for truth, for democracy, for the lives of our children and all of us. To me, and thousands of other Canadians, she is a true hero - a Canadian police officer, the entire nation can be proud of.

Below (Annex A), I append a list of facts related to Detective Grus's nomination, which I know have been already provided to you by Donald Best, a former Sergeant (Detective) with the Toronto Police responsible for investigating Canadian police, lawyers, and politicians involved in organized crime, and a leading Canadian anti-corruption whistleblower and activist. 

In addition to that, I’d like to add additional evidence (Annex B), which I have collected myself, as a data scientist and concerned citizen, which further proves that allegations of Detective Grus’s “discreditable conduct” are politically motivated and aim at silencing forensic investigation related to the safety of vaccines.

To conclude this nomination submission, I’d like to echo statements made by Donald Best and many other Canadians to nomination of Detective Grus for the Police Association of Ontario ‘Police Hero Honour Roll Award’, which should be evident to anyone looking objectively into Detective Grus files:

I would be glad to provide any testimonials and clarifications related to anything provided in this letter, including in Annex B.


Dmitry Gorodnichy

Annex A: Excerpts from the Helen Grus “Police Services Hero of the Year Award” nomination by former Police Detective Donald Best

Source: https://donaldbest.ca/nominate-detective-helen-grus-for-police-hero-of-the-year/ (retrieved: 17 March 2024) 

Annex B:  Further Evidence of Politically Motivated Allegations Against Detective Grus, Intended to Suppress Public Debate and Vaccine Safety Investigations

Below are additional pieces of evidence (Evidence 1-7), in addition to those quoted in Annex A, which I have personally gathered as a data scientist and concerned citizen. These pieces of evidence further substantiate the claim that the allegations of Detective Grus's "discreditable conduct" are politically motivated and intended to suppress public debate and forensic investigation concerning the safety versus necessity of COVID-19 vaccines.

Evidence 1: There has been a notable increase in the deaths of young people coinciding with the start of the COVID-19 vaccination for this population (Fall 2021) in Canada and other countries. There was no increase of death in this age population prior to the start of the COVID-19 vaccination for this population (Spring 2020-Fall 2021). 


Evidence 2: The observed notable increase in unexpected deaths of young people starting from Fall 2021 was NOT  from COVID-19 virus, but from some other causes.  


Evidence 3: There have been confirmed cases of deaths that have been medically proven to be directly caused by COVID-19 vaccines. 



Evidence 4: There were over a hundred unexpected sudden deaths among Canadian children reported across the country in the winter of 2021-2022 that were not attributed to COVID or any of the factors listed by Statistics Canada. None of these tragedies has been mentioned in mainstream media, which typically emphasizes every single loss of life under the "each child matters" slogan. 

Evidence 4: The data concerning the rise in the deaths of young Canadians starting from the end of 2021 was already available on the Statistics Canada data repository portal in January 2022. However, the publication of this "Key Insight" on the Statistics Canada Dashboard (Provisional deaths and excess mortality in Canada dashboard) was delayed until September 2022, which is over half a year after this critical information was obtained.


I can personally confirm that the data related to the increase in deaths from “unknown cause” and the increase  in deaths among young Canadians, starting from Fall 2021 have already been available on Death Statistics published by the Statistics Canada by January 2022 (for most provinces) and by March 2022 (for all provinces). I have observed it myself, along with several other “anomalies” related to excess deaths and COVID-19 related deaths, which prompted me to contact the Office of the Chief Science Advisor (Dr. Mona Nemer) on April 14, 2022 and followed up on May 12, 2022,  and Office of the Auditor General of Canada on April 8, 2022, and followed up on August 22, 2022. However, no response from either office was ever received.

For the reasons above, I’ve been following closely (weekly) Provisional deaths and excess mortality in Canada dashboard published by Statistics Canada (link above) and can testify, if needed, that indeed for the first time when Statistics Canada published in the Key Insight that “Canada experienced a new period of significant excess mortality starting in January 2022… Excess deaths … were relatively higher among those younger than 45…” was in the second week of September 2022.  Prior to that there was not a single mention of this concerning fact anywhere in official government pages.

Additional background:

In November 2021, while teaching Data Science tools to my Government of Canada colleagues, I helped to develop a Open Canada Vital Statistics Tracker Web App that visualizes  Vitals Statistics (Deaths) published by the Statistics Canada. This App was made publicly available at https://open-canada.github.io/Apps/vitals (mirror: https://o-canada.shinyapps.io/vitals/) and it made it easy to detect trends and anomalies related to excess and covid deaths in Canada.

Evidence 5: Despite Evidence 2, 3 and 4, nowhere in any of its publications has Statistics Canada ever acknowledged (published) that one of the potential causes of “significant excess mortality starting in January 2022 [especially] among younger” could be attributed, at least among other factors, to the COVID-19 vaccine. Instead, when the information about “significant excess mortality starting in January 2022 [especially] among younger” was finally published in September 2022, it was published in such as  way as to  create a false association of these tragic excess deaths with COVID omicron infection, even though it was known not to be a factor (Evidence 2). Later, the wording has changed entirely to link these tragic excess deaths to multiple other factors (5 factors) such as   “delayed medical procedures”, “increased harms related to substance use”, “changes in the prevalence of other diseases and medical conditions”,  “a heat dome” , again with no mention that they could be related to COVID-19 vaccines, despite clear evidence suggesting such a possibility (Evidence 3 and 4).

Evidence 6: The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) published its 'Cases following vaccination' data, which holds paramount importance in justifying the necessity of COVID vaccines for all populations (COVID mandates). - This dataset presents the actual observed post-marketing performance of vaccines, in contrast to the advertised performance claimed by vendors prior to putting the vaccines on the Canadian market.  However, in presenting this data, PHAC employed a "Data presentation technique" known in data science as "algorithmic bias." This technique skewed the data significantly (by over two orders of magnitude) in favour of vaccinated individuals by counting COVID cases that occurred before vaccine doses were administered. 

When recalculated without "algorithmic bias" (i.e., counting cases only from the time when doses were administered), the data consistently failed to demonstrate that COVID-19 vaccines significantly reduced the risk of infection and/or complications from COVID-19, contrary to the claim used to justify vaccine mandates.  Moreover, the data indicated that starting from Winter 2021-2022, COVID-19 was affecting vaccinated individuals more seriously than unvaccinated and partially vaccinated individuals.


Evidence 7: In June 2023, two years after the reported event, a secret Privy Council Office memo surfaced following an Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) request. This memo, conveyed to the Prime Minister in May 2021, five months after the vaccine rollout in Canada,  listed 20,428 reports of "serious adverse events," including 427 deaths, and recommended “managing COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths with winning communication strategies" to "avoid undermining public confidence." This memo utilized the term "Winning Communication Strategies" to suggest the use of data-skewing practices aimed at concealing the truth from Canadians regarding the detrimental effects of COVID vaccines and provided an example of  “data presentation technique that skewed the messaging towards the desired narrative”



Based on the evidence presented in this annex, the following examples of “Winning Communication Strategies” have been enacted in Canada with the intention of stifling open debate, democratic transparency, and forensic investigation related to the safety versus necessity of COVID vaccines: