Largest masks study

The most comprehensive review on effects of masks for COVID has been now published



Public Health expert, Professor Prasad (ever questioning as all true scientists should be - see children and COVID vaccines), has analysed many of the newer studies too:

Vinay Prasad's Observations and Thoughts

A new health affairs paper "proves" mask mandates slow covid-19

A new analysis is out now, and it claims that mask mandates slowed COVID19 spread between March -Nov of 2020; The pre-vaccine era! Right off the bat, Let me say it is a more sophisticated analysis than many others. But, in the years to come, I expect still more complex analyses will emerge— and reaching both conclusions! Some will “prove” masking and…

Mask studies reach a new scientific low point

Masking is a divisive issue, however, at the end of the day, it is a scientific question. Pre-pandemic, community masking was discouraged because the pre-existing evidence was negative. This is why Fauci was critical of it in early March 2020 on 60 minutes. In the pandemic, masking has become a marker of politics. Good liberals wear them and bad conse…

There are many more on his Substack, and on his YouTube channel.

Pairodocs have done some good articles too:

Pairodocs’ Collection of Heresy

Aerosols vs. Droplets

Why should you care about the difference between an aerosol and a droplet? Because it’s affected your life for the last 2 years. A number of our public health dictats have been partially based on the difference. Droplets and aerosols are both little bits of water that travel through the air. Droplets are “big” and aerosols are “small”. There is no hard…

Pairodocs’ Collection of Heresy

The Science and Politics of Masks

There are few COVID-related hornet’s nests that I haven’t kicked yet. So why stop now? Before COVID, being afraid to exhale around others was an issue only for smokers. But breathing out without a mask is now seen as a dangerous and subversive act…