Frequently Asked Questions


This page aims at listing most common questions and reservations mentioned by my friends/colleagues/neighbours  who have never heard about the NCI, and
my responses based on my personal story and the evidence collected by myself and the NCI.

These can be categorized under 4 topics shown below:

Q1: Why are you so obsessed about this topic? Are you not tired of it yet? Don't you have other things to do,  or want just to continue normal life?  Why annoy others and disrupt the lives of other people who live fine and who have no issues with how they live and what they know ?

Q2: What/Who are your sources? Have you verified (fact-checked) everything yourself? The governments at all levels are going what they can to save lives and help people. There is solid scientific evidence for every claim and recommendation they make, for every measure they impose.

Q3: There were benefits of lockdowns restrictions too. For examples,  many people enjoyed being able to work from home, less time wasted in traffic, more time with family, for creativity, to read books, to play and record music, etc.; masks did not bother me at all either, and they do provide additional level of protection

Q4:  Least vaccinated countries (e.g. Bulgaria, other east European countries) had the largest peak of deaths in 2021), which is clear evidence that vaccines worked. I had all vaccines and had no issues whatsoever. I also know - back in 2021  - some unvaccinated people who were sick (some very sick, some even died in 2021), whereas vaccinated were saved