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Beause of my connection with many networks and organizations, it is critical that I highlight the following Disclaimer below:

The views and opinions expressed on this website, in my blogs, and in any public communications are solely my own are solely my own and do not represent the views or positions of any networks or organizations I am part of. 

Engage for Change!  

Exciting opportunities are unfolding in Canada to foster increased transparency and accountability throughout the country. Your active participation can play a pivotal role in steering Canada towards a state of "participatory democracy," where every Canadian contributes not just at the ballot box every four or five years but continuously – both during and after elections. This ongoing involvement ensures that Canada transforms into the country its citizens aspire it to be.

Below are some inspiring grassroots initiatives and communities that I follow and support. These groups are run by Canadians who use their diverse skills and backgrounds to build a better, more democratic, open, and inclusive Canada, free from political, foreign, and industry interference. They care for each other, their children, culture, nature, and everything that makes Canada Glorious and Free.

Explore sub-pages to find out some of the great outputs produced by those communities and initiatives. I invite you to follow and support them too.

 Democracy supporting Communities and Initiatives

More related initiatives and activities: 

Other community connections

As a professional with 24 years in Government of Canada musician, athlete, father of four home-born daughters, graduate (and later research partner) of top academic institutions in Ukraine, Russia, and Canada, I am also connected to many local, national and international communities. Some of these are listed below.

Recently, I was also elected to the Executive Board of my Union at PIPSC National Capital Region

Historical note:

Back in 2007,  when domain was acquired, this website was developed to support the Nouse "Nose as Mouse" technology, which was invented by Dmitry Gorodnichy at National Research Council of Canada (NRC-CNRC) and then licensed to the company founded my Dmitry, called IVIM Inc.  You can learn more about this technology from the website or simply by Googling "Nouse as nose"

In 2013, Nouse technology was made free for everyone and the company stopped supporting it. The website was redesigned to support community projects and local artists. Below are links to some of them. 

Now the site received anew mission - to help all Canadians to learn more about the challenges that the country is  going through since 2020 and become inspired and better equipped to contribute to make Canada the country we want to live.

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