Initiating a Conversation with Those Unaware of the NCI: Quick Start Guide


Next time you encounter someone - be it a family member, neighbor, or colleague - try asking them, "Did you have a chance to watch the NCI presentations yet?" (Note: A neutral "I proudly support NCI" button, such as shown on the top of this page, can be worn to effortlessly kickstart discussions about NCI in various settings, such as elevators or bus stops. They may soon be available on the NCI swag merchandise site). 

Assume that they know nothing about the NCI, a likely scenario given that the majority of Canadians do not explore alternative news sources,  and mainstream media do not talk about it. If they express interest, tell them a quote or two from the ones selected below .  Specifically, I found that quotes from the last commissioner, Janice Kaikkonen, resonate the best with most Canadians, even those who stopped talking to each other two years ago...

For friends and family members, who are fans of Jamie Salle, I started by saying "Did you see our Olympic figure skating champion Jamie Sale speaking at the NCI final report release last week!".  This approach allowed me to seamlessly introduce the NCI, beginning with a quote about the devastating effects of lockdowns on small businesses, school closures affecting children, and the alarming rise in suicides, particularly among the youth. Reinforce their reactions by pointing out that such information is not discussed on the radio at all, for whatever reason.

Depending on their reaction, you can introduce additional quotes from other commissioners, emphasizing that they are well-known professionals from diverse backgrounds, including legal, scientific, and counseling. In my case, I also mention that Bernard Massie, who is one of the commissioners, is a retired NRC Director,  and I was fortunate to meet and talk to him in person, as I also worked at NRC (as featured by CNN and New York Times).

Save quotes from NCI Counselor Shawn Buckley, specifically those about the trackers writing the First Chapter, for the end of your conversation. Share this information only if the person remains interested in continuing the discussion. You can then provide them with the NCI business card shown above or any other printout available  here with alink or  QR code to my page or the official NCI Final Report page.

This is how the Third Chapter begins. As mentioned by commissioners, change won't happen overnight, but it will happen. No lie can be kept hidden forever, even when some try hard to conceal it. Good luck and enjoy! With Christmas approaching, any effort to discuss topics that have been considered taboo, like elephants in the room, will contribute to making our nation better and our communities stronger. 

Easiest three pieces of evidence that can be used to spark a discussion with anyone:

Most powerful quotes from the NCI presentations for sharing around:

Shawn Buckley, NCI Counselor


" The inquiry rules permitted any interested party to intervene and participate in the process. We issued summons after summons to government officials, inviting them to attend and participate, but not a single government official chose to attend. This is now part of our historical record, and their absence speaks loudly. "

" But we would do ourselves a disservice as this report is released if we do not recall what came before and the context and the climate of fear in which the National Citizens Inquiry hearings took place. "

" And we don't know what will happen next; we had the truckers write the first chapter of this story, and they bought us a period of peace, a period of respite. We had the National Citizens Inquiry write the second chapter where we came together and understood that we're not alone and that we need to stand together. The next chapter is up for those watching to write. It's for those Canadians who understand now that they must hold the line with us; it's up to them to write this next chapter."

Full transcript and video from Shawn Buckley 

"  Given the enormity of these mandates and the resulting consequences, these circumstances demand a comprehensive, transparent, and objective national inquiry into the appropriateness and efficacy of these interventions."

" No government has shown an appetite for a fulsome review of the measures implemented ... simply because it is their own act and responses to COVID-19 that would be under investigation."

 "Media institutions, whose traditional role was to question the actions of government and inform the people in a fair and unbiased manner, failed to question government actions "

" 63 members of government regulators and authorities were subpoenaed to attend and testify. Not a single member of the government appeared at the public hearings to testify. "

" Not since World War II has a nation experienced such a devastating attack on its people. Our investigation into the pandemic measures unveiled a troubling mix of ignorance, arrogance, fear, and a shocking disregard for fundamental principles of human rights, medical ethics, and our long-standing democratic and legal foundations."

Full transcript and video from Ken Drysdale

Dr. Bernard Massie

Scientific perspective

"  The COVID-19 crisis has exposed that our Western societies are sliding towards totalitarianism, a slope that cannot exist without the consent and active participation of the governed. We are all responsible for what's happening, one way or another."

" When society is in a constant state of crisis, one has to question the competence and/or the motives of the ruling class, including the administrative state."

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it's the illusion of knowledge." In Canada, the administrative state uses the illusion of knowledge to maintain its power. This was evident throughout the three-year COVID-19 experience when bureaucrats and administrators were portrayed as all-powerful."

" It will be up to the reader to determine for themselves whether this new narrative is a more comprehensive representation of reality than the messaging delivered by the government and the mainstream media during the past three years."

Full transcript and video from Dr. Bernard Massie

Heather DiGregorio

Legal perspective

" The evidence we have all points one way: to a significant breakdown of Canadian institutions, the division of our society, neighbors pitted against neighbors, families torn apart, individuals suffering grievous injuries which their own doctors won't acknowledge, feelings of isolation, depression, suicides, pain, and grief. And against this was contrasted the official statements from our governments during this time, promising to keep us safe if only we keep following their directives. "

" Many of our recommendations call for more inquiry and investigation. As Canadians, we should not be afraid to ask the questions that matter most, and we should not be afraid to hear the answers. "

" Seeing the strength of ordinary Canadians, even in the darkest times of their lives, gave me renewed hope. I want to acknowledge the bravery of every witness who stood up and testified publicly."

Full transcript and video from Heather DiGregorio

Janice Kaikkonen

Counselor perspective 

" After listening to the testimony of 305 Canadians, recognizing and accommodating the hundreds of other voices willing to testify, I realized the picture being painted was much deeper, all more devastating and divisive, and the response from our public institutions on every Canadian far more destructive. It soon became clear that Canada was not the society I had known during my lifetime.

"One example that stands out was the decision to callously declare some businesses non-essential, even when it was the lifeline for the people involved in that particular endeavor.

"One example is the mandate to wear a mask into a restaurant, with the ability to take it off once seated, as if COVID was prevented from joining us at the table. Or our children forced to wear the same mask all day.

" ...the negative effects on students are still being felt today. After being forced to sit in a room in front of a screen, isolated from their friends and social networks for hours on end, it's no wonder the unlearned mentality has become so entrenched within the K-12 system.

"And then there are the many whose young lives had become so disrupted that they went to a place from which there was no return. My question: how many suicides are too many before we, as a populace, say enough?

"Canadians across this country mocked, publicly shamed, and called unacceptable and disparaging names by the Prime Minister, by policing authorities..."

" I could go on and on about the atrocities that we experienced in Canada during COVID. ... Canadians were conned into believing governments could do no harm."

"It is obvious that Canada stands at a crossroads, but the direction forward is dependent upon each and every one of us as proud Canadians standing unified with the fervent belief that Canada is still worth fighting for. That while we may have been duped for a season, the light that has now shone on the failed experiment that governments leveled against the populace, you and I. "

Full transcript and video from Janice Kaikkonen

Question from Jamie Sale:

With what you know and have experienced through the NCI testimonies.. How can we help rebuild our country? 

Ken Drysdale:

I'm going to reiterate that Canadians should not be expecting a white knight to come running down the road... All of a sudden, and whose fault is that?..

Everybody in Canada has a role to play.


we need to have a conversation with our neighbors, our friends, our family. We need to reestablish relationships that we've lost throughout this COVID era

Those people who are still in their houses that have never come out because they've been publicly shamed, we need to go knock on their door and bring the cookies. We need to have a cup of coffee with everybody that we can within our circles and have them do the same with their circles. And one by one, we will change this country, and it won't be overnight, for sure, but even just reestablishing the relationships that we had pre-COVID would be a good start. 

Full transcript and video with Jamie Sale