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Exciting opportunities are unfolding in Canada this year, all geared towards fostering increased transparency and accountability throughout the country. Your active participation can play a pivotal role in steering Canada towards a state of "participatory democracy," where every Canadian contributes not just at the ballot box every four or five years but continuously – both during and after elections. This ongoing involvement ensures that Canada transforms into the country its citizens aspire it to be.

These opportunities are organized into two groups:

In most of these opportunities, you can choose to participate actively, taking on tasks to contribute directly to the event/initiative, or offer support indirectly by attending, showing solidarity, and sharing with others. The choice is yours!

Importantly, there's no excuse for any Canadian to complain about the state of the country and do nothing. Now that you know the options available, please get involved! 

Your engagement not only enhances your karma but also provides the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who, just like you, are passionate about building a better Canada. 

It's a rewarding experience for doing the right things!

If you live in the National Capital Region, or work in Public Sector, please contact me (613 355 99 75) - I'll connect you with more local events and initiatives. And... maybe we'll meet there too!

Read article on substack (March 6, 2024)

Special events and initiatives

Saturday, March 9th. 
“1984 - Don't Let It Happen” country-wide Rally. Focus: signing the upcoming WHO Treaty, May 2024


The World Health Organization Pandemic Preparedness Treaty is a threat to all Canadians civil rights, personal safety and the safety of our children, leaving our fate in the hands of an unelected third party non-government organization.  There is no regard for human dignity and prosperity in the unfortunate situation of any health crisis with the WHO leading the charge; they will lead us into lockdowns, forced inoculations (vaccinations) and a police state of totalitarian regimes rather then a free and democratic society. We will become their slaves to command and control.

In the words of George Orwell - "Don’t Let It Happen."

The final WHO treaty will be presented and signed at the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024. Should it be adopted under Article 19 of the WHO Constitution, the final agreement would require the ratification of two-thirds of the WHO member states.  If ratified, it will be legally binding, according to International law - CANADA must exit now. 

MP Leslyn Lewis has put together a comprehensive website dedicated to this information - it is well worth the visit to her site to understand what we must fight against in order to remove Canada from this treaty.

You can access her information here on her website:

MARCH 4, 2024 -MAY 5, 2024:
"Weekly Wheelbarrow Mail Campaign."

Related to the "1984 - Don't Let It Happen" rally, the portal has recently launched the "Weekly Wheelbarrow Mail Campaign." They have provided letter samples and questionnaires on the portal for you to send to your MP. I encourage you to take this action, and I'll be sending mine as well. My MP is Mona Fortier, and I will explicitly state in my correspondence that her responses (or the absence of them) will be made public.

Crucially, after sending your letters, please revisit the portal to learn how to make responses to your letters (or the lack of them) public!


Deadline: March 17th -  Nominate Detective Helen Grus For “Police Hero” of the Year!


Who is Donald Best:

Donald Best is a former Sergeant (Detective) with the Toronto Police responsible for investigating Canadian police, lawyers, and politicians involved in organized crime, and a leading Canadian anti-corruption whistleblower and activist. Full story: (Please read).

In link above is what Donald Best written in his nominaton of Detective Helen Grus for the “Police Hero” award. He is now asking that everyone who is touched by the Detective Helen Grus story also submit their nomination. And if you do, he asked to send him a copy of your nomination submission at

Nominations must come from members of the public. Deadline: March 17th.

I’m planning to do it, for I have witnessed too many suddently died children, with still not a single criminal investigatiom conducted into the cause of their deaths in our country (See:, I will share my nomination submission document with you - readers of my substack - too.

Regular and ongoing
meetings and initiatives

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There are 4 big BCTownHall2024 events happening! 

Upcoming BC Town Halls

March 14 - Victoria, BC

March 14 - Kelowna, BC

March 19 - Penticton, BC

March 26 - Campbell River

More in the works

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