Canadian Freedom of Information Request on COVID-19 Vaccination Fatalities

These are just the ones reported.

According to the Canadian Independent, a Canadian Freedom of Information Request has resulted in 2,140 pages of information about deaths from COVID-19 vaccinations. Click this link if you want to download it (it’s a large file).

The search for the word "Deaths" in this PDF returns "More than 1,000 matches".  Below is quoted just the first 10.

Canadian researcher, Dr Rancourt, says that 17 million deaths worldwide can be attributed to the vaccines. Here is his paper:

page 69

Reaction/event as reported by primary source (B.2.1.0) current rea ction


MedDRA versio n for

reaction /event term LLT

26 . 0

MedDRA vers io n for

reaction/eve nt term PT

26 . 0


(B.2.i.2. a)

Reaction/event MedORA term(LlT)

Unknown cause of death

Reaction/event MedDRA te

This is a spo nta neou s re po1t from a contac table consumer . A 19-year - olct fema le p ati~nc received BNT162B2 , vi~ a n

unspecified route of ad:ninistratio n on an unspec ified date (Bat c h /Lot number r,.,•as not reported) as dose nurr.ber

unknown , single for COVID-19 i rrinuni sation . The p atient ' s medical history and concomitant medications were not

reported . The patient died the next morning after getting the vacc ine after jogging on an unspecified d ~ te . Caller

stated the vaccine is causi ng death, permanent disability , blindness , heart attacks , strokes , and blood clots

being the number 1 thing . The patient died on an unspeci f ied date . It was unknown if an autopsy was performed . The

outco me of the event •,1as fatal .

The following information on the lot/batch number has been requested .

Follow- up (08Nov2020): This follow- up is being submitted to notify that the batch/lot number is not available

despite the follow - up attempts made . Follow-up attempts have been completed and no further information is